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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

The right answers to frequently asked questions

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How can I order your DNA sequencing service?

Please use our online shop for every Custom DNA Sequencing product and service. In the order menu you find all links to the respective sequencing order pages. 

For Mix2Seq you only need to place an online order for the Mix2Seq Kit and no further online order when sending your Mix2Seq samples.

You will find all necessary information regarding sample preparation for each sequencing service under in the sample submission tab of the respective service.

Where should I send my sequencing samples?

Eurofins Genomics and GATC has already installed hundreds of DropBoxes respective Collection Points in Europe for free sample pick-up. Your nearest DropBox location with pick-up time is displayed in your account when you are logged in.

In case there is no DropBox near you, you can of course send your samples by post or arrange for them to be delivered by another delivery company. Please send Sanger sequencing samples to the addresss which is shown to you during checkout.

Options for sending sequencing material are available under sample shipment.


Can I order more than one read per sample?

Yes, indepenent on the sample type, up to 8 reactions per sample can be specified with our TubeSeq Service. For the PlateSeq Service up to 4 reactions per sample (= per well) are possible across one 96well plate.


How many plates per order can I send?

Up to 15 plates can be uploaded / specified at once and saved in you cart. There is no limitation on the number of plates per order you can checkout.

Can I re-order sequencing runs?

You can order new sequencing reactions from stored samples within 4 weeks no matter if you have sent the samples in tubes or plates. 

If you have sent the samples in tube format, just use the TubeSeq Service order page and type in the initials of the respective sample. The system prepopulates all stored samples with these initials.

If you want to re-order reactions from a few samples originally sent in plates, use our TubeSeq Service order form, select the stored plate and specify the new reactions for the respective samples.

Re-ordering sequencing reactions for an entire plate is possible via the PlateSeq Service order form.

Under "My samples & primers" you can check the expiration date of your samples and primers.

Can I order additional services when using prepaid barcodes?

With prepaid barcodes, you can order additional services such as primer synthesis DNA mini preparations. You will be billed separately for this.

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