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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

What is synthesis scale and synthesis yield?

The synthesis scale indicates the amount of starting material (CPG) of the solid phase synthesis process.

Not to be confused with the synthesis yield, which is depending on the coupling efficiency during synthesis.

The coupling efficiency again depends on raw material quality. The individual sequence and length of an oligonucleotide also influences the coupling efficiency and therefore the synthesis yield as shown in the table below:

CE 99.5%
CE 99.0%
C E 98.5%
  20mer 91 83 75
  30mer 86 75 65
  40mer 82 68 55
  60mer 74 55 41
100mer 61 37 22

Theoretical yield of full length product = coupling efficiency (CE) (length of oligonucleotide-1)

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