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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

The right answers to frequently asked questions

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How do I order a synthesised gene?

Standard and complex genes can easily be ordered through our Ecom system.

Alternatively, you can also use the quote request form on our website.
This also applies for Combinatorial Libraries.

Upon the entry of your offer request, our experts will contact you immediately.

Can I track the status of my gene synthesis order?

You can track the order status as well as the delivery status if you have placed your order via our Ecom system. In your personal Ecom account all your order data are stored.

Find your order history via the "my orders" button where you can track the process status of your orders at any time and download your order confirmations and delivery notes of a period of two years.

In case of any questions please contact our Customer Support Team.

Ordering GeneStrands from FASTA files

The GeneStrands order page provides, additionally to the single entry format the possiblitlity to upload or to copy & paste gene names and sequences. The latter is particularly useful in case of ordering many GeneStrands at once.

If your DNA sequences are available in FASTA format, please use the “Copy&Paste” entry format.

In case you want to copy & paste sequences of, e.g. a FASTA file into the sequence box of the single input page, please ensure that all line breaks in the sequence are removed:

  • Copy your FASTA sequence in an MS Word document
  • Replace the line breaks “^p” (paragraph mark) by a space character (blank)
  • Then you can copy & paste the sequence in your word document into the sequence field on the order page.
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