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The truth is not always what it appears to be

pEX Standard vectors and protein expression


Well, yes, this is a fact (but please see our tip below!). If you only order your open reading frame with restriction sites, this is true. Our pEX vectors are based on pUC18 and do not contain a promoter or terminator for expression of your subcloned gene. They are standard cloning vectors for E.coli. For transcription and translation experiments the gene would have to be subcloned into an expression vector of your choice, harbouring a suitable promoter and potentially a terminator sequence. By the way, for best expression results the ORF should be optimised using our powerful algorithm “GENEius”.


And here is a tip for saving time and money:

Include a promoter sequence upstream of your gene sequence. Of course you could also add a terminator sequence at the 3’ end. Then, the pEX vector can be used as an expression vector for protein expression in vivo or, after linearisation, as template for in vitro transcription.

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