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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

Note for Standard DIN EN ISO 17025

Under the conditions listed below, only simplified test reports may be provided.

Subject: Simplified test reports according to DIN EN ISO 170252018, (Section 7.8)

Testing Laboratory (Accreditation): Eurofins Genomics Europe Applied Genomics GmbH (D-PL-13372, ) Eurofins Genomics Europe Sequencing GmbH (D-PL-17038)

For accredited examinations at these two companies, test results may only be reported in simplified form, i. Requirements of the standard DIN EN ISO 17025: 2018 (section 7.8) are not fully applicable to this type of transfer of results.

These results can therefore also be reported as short test reports, electronically generated result reports, Excel spreadsheets or as result files.


If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Team.

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