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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

Choice of product

All three tests can be used with liquid biopsy samples (cfDNA). The three products serve as powerful non-invasive tools for cancer profiling.

INVIEW Oncoexome Liquid Biopsy is the first commercially available service for whole exome sequencing (WES) of cfDNA. With this service, a comprehensive profile of all mutations present in the protein coding regions of the exome is obtained. This product is suitable for a comprehensive look at the exome of a cancer patient, in cases where limited information regarding clinically relevant mutations is available.

INVIEW Oncopanel All-in-one Liquid Biopsy is a comprehensive NGS cancer panel for profiling important tumour-specific mutations implicated in nearly all cancer types. The service uses Agilent SureSelect with an optimized protocol to target about 600 known cancer genes including tumour suppressors, mutation hotspots and drug resistance markers. The panel is optimised for sequence coverage and uniformity with sensitivity down to 1%.

INVIEW Oncotarget facilitates ultra-sensitive detection of clinically relevant cancer-specific point mutations, insertions, deletions and gene fusions in circulating cell-free DNA down to an allele frequency of 0.1%. This approach is suitable for treatment monitoring as it has the appropriate sensitivity to detect a relapse at a very early stage.

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