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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

TMB calculation

  • TMB is defined as the number of somatic, coding, base substitution, and InDel mutations per megabase of genome examined. All base substitutions and InDels in the coding region of targeted genes, including synonymous mutations, are initially counted before filtering as outlined below.
  • The following mutations are excluded in silico from the TMB computation: Known somatic mutations in COSMIC and ClinVar, low-confident mutations, known germline variants in the ExAC (gnomAD) database, mutations predicted to be germline by the somatic-germline-zygosity algorithm, and mutations in tumor suppressor genes due to the focus of the Oncopanel All-In-One on actionable cancer mutations and potential panel design bias.
  • To calculate the TMB per megabase, the total number of mutations counted is normalized by the size of the coding region of the targeted region in megabase (mutations per megabase, mut/MB). Due to the lack of standardization in TMB quantification we provide three TMB values:
    • Non-synonymous mutations
    • Non-synonymous mutations and plus indels and iii) including all mutations.
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