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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services


This depends on many factors, such as tissue type, sample quality, development status, existing references, etc. Please refer to the table shown under Product Specifications to find your optimum InView™ Transcriptome solution. The estimated read numbers shown there refer to human samples. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your project. In some cases it might be advisable to set up a trial to define how many reads will be required for your specific aim or organism.

The INVIEW Transcriptome Explore package gives you an overview of the expressed genes and is well suited to detecting differences between samples.

INVIEW Transcriptome Discover uses a strand-specific RNA library combined with Illumina’s 150 bp paired-end sequencing and is therefore recommended for the detection of differentially expressed genes, rare and novel transcripts and for discovering splice variants. In addition, the information about the transcript’s orientation allows for a more precise determination of structure and gene expression.

RNA-Seq of bacterial samples most often requires less reads since no splice variants are present. The INVIEW Transcriptome Bacteria is a cost-alternative for all projects interested in the gene expression profile of Bacteria.

The INVIEW Transcriptome Ultra Low is specially designed for all projects with only a tiny amount of starting material.


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