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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

entry QC

NGSelect Amplicon Adaptor Ligation:

If the amount, concentration or quality of the starting material fails to meet the requirements for further processing, our customer care team will contact you to discuss how to proceed with your project. Whenever possible, Eurofins Genomics will recommend additional measures for optimising sample quality.

NGSelect Amplicon Adaptor Ligation:

Eurofins Genomics performs the 2nd PCR step with optimised PCR conditions and highest success rates. Still the success depends on various factors, including the amount of PCR product with universal adaptors. In case the 2nd PCR does not result in an amplicon and if we rate another trial as promising based on our experience, Eurofins Genomics will repeat the amplicon generation one-time. In case the repetition is not successful, Eurofins Genomics will stop the processing of the relevant samples and reimburse you for the sequencing part that was not performed. In the event that only a weak amplicon can be generated, Eurofins Genomics will include those amplicons in the amplicon pool for sequencing, too. Experience shows that those amplicons will result in very few reads only and interpretation of those reads should be done with special care.

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